At the moment, McLaren driver Lando Norris stands third in the driver’s rankings of the 2021 F1 season.

However, the question is whether will he be able to maintain his position till the end of the season?

The young driver is well aware that Sergio Perez and Valtteri Bottas are very much capable of overtaking him easily.

As a result, the Brit finds it difficult to cope with a car that is not competitive enough to fight for the title.

What did Norris say?

“I have to accept it as a fact,” Norris said talking about how the Red Bull and Mercedes are faster cars.

“They are too fast and the gap is huge. Of course, that’s difficult.

“Being happy with fifth place is not in me. Being lapped by the leader and finishing half a lap behind the number four is not something we get excited about.

“That’s why I enjoy the rare moments,” he added.

Defeating Mercedes and Red Bull

Norris also added that while he is able to defeat the title contenders on Saturday, he finds it difficult to defend his position during the race.

“Beating a driver of Mercedes or Red Bull on Saturday gives a kick, but then I immediately realize that in the race I can hardly defend that position,” he said.

“Then I drive third and I know: in a few laps, they will pass me again.

“That is hard to swallow. I know I can duel with them, but not with my current car.

“In a Red Bull, I can beat Max and Sergio. In a Mercedes, I drive the pace of Lewis and Valtteri. That’s how I have to think,” he stated.

McLaren in 2022?

The upcoming 2022 season will see the implementation of new regulations. That brings the question of whether will McLaren finally counter their rivals?

“I’m sure it will help a little, but not much. Mercedes and Red Bull Racing remain the top teams,” Norris explained.

“They are richer, have more employees and therefore more time to invest in the new car.

“It’s not for nothing that they are so much faster than the rest.

“There are a lot of extremely clever people working for those teams and they will still be there next year,” Norris concluded.

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