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Lando Norris roasted George Russell while playing the new game, F1 2021.

The F1 2021 game arrived to much fanfare last month, promising new features and gameplay. Two people who got their hands on the title early were Norris and Russell. F1 offered the drivers a challenge to complete. To win, they must beat the AI version of themselves in the game.

Five laps around the Silverstone track awaited the two British drivers, with only two other cars on the grid. This was AI Norris and AI Russell. The drivers had to beat their AI counterparts.

If anyone placed bets on Norris and Russell driving clean, they lost a lot of money. The two drivers couldn’t hold a candle to their ghosts in that regard. The AI drove with accuracy, while the humans struggled to even keep their cars on track.

The end result saw AI Norris win the race, with AI Russell and Norris himself rounding off the podium. The real Russell languished in last place. In the middle of the hilarious sequence, Norris roasted Russell for the result after seeing AI Russell on the podium.

“That’s great. From never finishing in the points to getting a podium,” Norris remarked.

“Lando-bot and George-bot were on another level. 1.2 seconds a lap quicker,” the McLaren driver said. Russell agreed, saying, “We should retire. Leave it to the pros.”

Achievement unlocked

The video was taken before the Hungarian Grand Prix, where Russell coincidentally scored his first ever points with his team. In a dramatic race in Hungary, Russell finished in the points to achieve a career milestone.

The confidence in the Williams driver must be soaring right now, and we may see him score more. With Russell being linked to Mercedes quite heavily, the chances of that could definitely escalate next season.

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