Lando Norris roasts Sebastian Vettel for his failed stint at Ferrari

McLaren driver Lando Norris roasted Sebastian Vettel for his failed stint at Ferrari on F1’s Grill the Grid.

Vettel convincingly beat his colleague to become the 2021 Grill the Grid Champion. His knowledge about F1 and his competitive spirit ensured he cruised into the finals. There, he dropped another masterclass, leaving everyone in awe.

The Grill the Grid trophy is Vettel’s second of the season, his first coming from a podium in Istanbul in 2020. That season was a poor one for him on the track, and Norris remembered it while reacting to Vettel’s achievement.

When Norris learned that Vettel spelled out every single F1 champion since 1950, he was absolutely amazed. However, instead of praising the German for collecting 70 out of 70 points in the competition, he roasted him pretty hard.

“70 points?! No offense, but he should focus on driving,” Norris said, sending the entire crew into streaks of laughter.

Marathon winner

The challenge for the 2021 edition was that the drivers had to start with the 2020 F1 champion, and then go all the way to the first one. If someone gives the wrong answer, he would be eliminated.

It came down to Vettel versus Verstappen versus Russell. Russell was the first one to get knocked out after 34 correct answers. The Dutchman followed with 38, leaving Vettel to try and win. Amazingly, he named every single F1 world champion all the way to 1950, which is a jaw-dropping display of knowledge.

He didn’t even flinch during his attempts, and ended with a perfect score. Williams Driver Nicholas Latifi praised him for his staggering feat, saying, “Really? What a guy!”

Vettel is having a good season with Aston Martin, unlike the Ferrari stint Norris roasted him for. He is also now the Grill the Grid champion in addition to the two podium finishes he managed this season. Can he go all the way and secure a win this season? Given his pedigree and experience, we wouldn’t go all in on him not doing it.

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