According to McLaren driver Lando Norris, his teammate Daniel Ricciardo is as good a driver as Ferrari’s Carlos Sainz.

21-year-old Norris had a chance to drive with Sainz for the Woking team last year. The two of them were a close match on the track.

After Sainz moved to Ferrari, Norris was paired with former Red Bull race winner Daniel Ricciardo.

However, Ricciardo has had a tough time adapting to his new team.

What did Norris say?

“Honestly, I knew already how good Carlos is,” Norris told the Spanish sports newspaper AS.

“He’s showing it now with Charles that he’s got the speed and is close to one of the best drivers in Formula 1. I also knew that, compared to him, I am well placed.

“In some areas, he is better and in others, I am better,” Norris added.

‘Was not worried about Ricciardo’

Norris said that he was not too bothered by the arrival of Ricciardo considering he was at the same level as Sainz.

“I wasn’t worried about Daniel arriving because I knew that Carlos is at a similar level. Daniel has won races so maybe that’s why people put him above Carlos,” he added.

“It’s taking him a long time to get used to the car and the team,” Norris added, referring again to the decade-older Ricciardo.

“There are people who need the perfect car and then there are others who are happier to be less comfortable. Daniel needs confidence, and his other car gave him more than this one,” Norris concluded.

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