“Lawrence Stroll’s lap dog”: Wolff’s former friend and business partner ridicules Mercedes boss

Former F1 team boss Colin Kolles made a rather bold statement regarding Toto Wolff. According to him, Wolff is actually billionaire Lawrence Stroll’s “lap dog”. Kolles was friends with Wolff but the two fell out years ago.

“Mr Wolff was a business partner of mine – I brought him into Formula 1, even if some people don’t want to know anything about that,” he told Sport1.

Kolles was once known to have run the Silverstone based team that is currently called Aston Martin. He did that during its Jordan, Midland, Spyker and early Force India era.

Kolles also claims that Wolff’s contribution towards Mercedes’ domination has been minimal.

“The structures were all established by Ross Brawn,” he insists.

There have also been rumors that Wolff has purchased shares worth EUR 42 million in Aston Martin after the British carmaker was taken over by Stroll last year.

Kolles, therefore, feels that Sebastian Vettel must be careful in this new Aston Martin environment.

“I am of the opinion that the Stroll-Wolff combination is a very dangerous one for Sebastian Vettel,” he said. “Many factors are playing a role in the background.”

Kolles also believes that Wolff is not at the same level as Stroll.

“He is called the lap dog of Mr Stroll. That is a quote from Bernie Ecclestone,” he concluded.

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