Leclerc opens up on dark phase in F1 career – “I felt quite lost”

Charles Leclerc has talked about his struggles at Ferrari when he first joined the team.

Leclerc is now in his third season at Ferrari, and is one of the best drivers on the grid. He has been a massive fan of Ferrari since a long time, and is very pleased that he is a key part of the team.

Leclerc looked back on his first day at Ferrari, and has fond memories of the same. He also revealed that however good it looks now, it took him a year to adjust at the team. He had come from Alfa Romeo, and was in disbelief over his struggles .

“The first time I knew I was going to be a Ferrari driver, I did not believe it,” Leclerc said.

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Charles Leclerc (pictured) has been a Ferrari fan through and through. Source:

Remembering his first day with the team, the Monegasque recalled, “I was very, very impressed by how many people were working on the cars. In Ferrari, we are a lot of people. In the beginning, I felt quite lost, to be honest. I didn’t know to who I should speak to if I have that or that issue. But thankfully, they really helped me.”  

Speaking on F1’s Beyond the Grid, Leclerc said, “I had a lot of things to learn, but it felt like I’d known them straight away–on the social relationships. Then to feel comfortable in the way such a big team works? Probably nearly a year, I will say. 

“To live it feels a lot shorter and you can feel all the steps and every time you are learning something and you apply it. You are just getting a better understanding of how everything works. Also, you feel more in control of the situation.

Dreams and desires

“I signed with Ferrari, so I don’t call that (signing a five-year contract) a risk. For me, it was an incredible opportunity, it was not a risk. I was signing for five years for the team I’ve always been dreaming of.

“We are pushing like crazy to try and come back at winning. This is what this team is used to,” Leclerc concluded.

Leclerc’s admiration for Ferrari is clear, as he has been a fan of the Italian team since his childhood. He is currently living his dream, then, and will hope he is the man to guide them to the heights they were at in the past.

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