Lewis Hamilton blocks popular F1 meme page on Instagram after facing excessive trolling

Lewis Hamilton has blocked a popular F1 meme page on Instagram for unknown reasons.

@f1troll_ is one of the biggest meme pages for F1. It has a massive following, which currently sits at a little below 500,000 followers.

However, followers were quick to notice the page no longer followed Hamilton. Upon receiving many messages asking why, the meme page’s admin responded. In a story, the account announced that it hadn’t unfollowed Hamilton. Rather, Hamilton had blocked the account himself.

@f1troll_ posted their reaction to Lewis Hamilton blocking them on Instagram.

On the story, the page wrote, “Some of you dm me to ask about why I unfollowed Lewis. I didn’t looks like he blocked me (sic).”

The seven-time champion’s reason for his actions is unknown. However, recent activity on the meme page offers a plausible reason as to why the British Knight might have done such a thing.

Jabbing at the wound

The last two races have seen Mercedes, Hamilton and everyone involved with the team at the centre of controversy. Accordingly, meme pages have had a field day poking fun at anyone associated with Mercedes, including Hamilton.

The account’s recent posts are all Mercedes getting bantered for their actions at Silverstone and Budapest. There are memes which jokingly suggest Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas orchestrated what happened in Britain and Hungary respectively. That is, the memes seem to say Hamilton took out Max Verstappen and Bottas took out Sergio Perez on purpose.

This may have ticked off Hamilton, and the course of action on his side may have been to block the meme page altogether. We suspect, however, that he wouldn’t be bothered too much. He’s got the lead in the WDC, after leapfrogging Verstappen in Hungary.

We don’t know why exactly he unfollowed the page, but the most plausible reason may be the excessive trolling. The meme page also wouldn’t be too bothered, because they can still post whether Hamilton follows them or not.

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