Lewis Hamilton claims to enjoy challenging Max Verstappen – “It is a lot of fun”

Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton has been having a difficult 2021 Formula 1 season especially in the fight against Max Verstappen.

The two drivers are highly capable and are often the frontrunners on the grid.

With the French Grand Prix approaching fast, Hamilton revealed what his biggest battle is against and also talked about his competition with Red Bull driver Verstappen.

In competition with himself

Lewis Hamilton; Source: eurosport.com

If Hamilton wins the 2021 season, he would claim his eighth driver’s championship which would place him above Michael Schumacher.

Even though the Brit often has to face Verstappen, he reveals that his biggest battle is with himself.

“I don’t think it’s for Max or anyone else. The reason is that every day I discover new things about myself,” he said.

“With the pandemic lockdowns, I have had more time to refine my talent, body, and mind. I always compete against myself. I think about how to fight, I look at how I was last year and how to overcome a seven-time world champion.”

It is fun to go up against Verstappen

Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton; Source: motorsportmagazine.com

Even with all the struggles he faces against the Dutchman, Hamilton claims to really enjoy his fight as he has immense respect for Verstappen.

“Yes, on and off the track. And it doesn’t have to change.”

“He is an extraordinary driver and it is a lot of fun to challenge him,” Hamilton added.

With the upcoming French Grand Prix, we can only wait to see if the tables will turn in Hamilton’s favor.

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