Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton is always under constant pressure to perform his best every day. As a result, he often needs help to overcome obstacles.

The seven-time world champion has therefore hired Angela Cullen who acts like his trainer and more importantly, his best friend.

Cullen is always by Hamilton’s side. She helps the Brit recover from a race, tracks his diet, and even motivates him through his rough days.

What did Hamilton say?

“Riders generally have a trainer, I had one too until I realized I didn’t need her. I needed someone who would support me through the ups and downs, who would make my life as simple as possible,” he stated.

“She performs a lot of functions: she is a natural physiotherapist, if I have a problem in my neck she solves it.

“She follows me on my diet. 

“She cares about everything so that I only have to think about driving. And then She is a sunny person, She transmits positive energy. She is one of my best friends, I’m lucky to have her by my side,” he concluded.

How has Hamilton performed so far?

Lewis Hamilton and Angela Cullen; Source:

Out of the six races this season, Hamilton has won three. However, his performance in Monaco and Baku were not up to the mark as he finished seventh and fifteenth, respectively.

The Brit hopes to bounce back in the upcoming French Grand Prix and improve his score in the driver’s standings which is currently being led by Max Verstappen.

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