Lewis Hamilton experiences brain fart after being handed golden chance to take championship lead

Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton looked set to add crucial points and bounce back into the lead in the drivers’ standings at the Azerbaijan Grand Prix on Sunday.

With just five laps to go, Red Bull’s Max Verstappen was in the lead with Sergio Perez stationed between him and Hamilton. However, a tyre bust-up meant that his race was ended short and the red flags were brought out.

The race took a while to start again. Before the resumption, Hamilton could be heard on team radio talking about the fact that “it’s a marathon” as opposed to “a sprint”.

With just 3 laps to race, it seemed inevitable that Hamilton, who was placed in second position at the time, would end up with a podium finish at the very least and bring home a significant advantage heading into the next race.

Verstappen seemed to be aware of this and his reaction after bowing out showed just how big a moment he felt it may have been in terms of the championship fight.

Hamilton, however, seemed to have a complete brain fart and forgot to turn, thereby driving away from the circuit. While he was able to reverse and get back on track, there was not nearly enough time for him to make up for this mistake.

Unlike Verstappen, Hamilton will have to contend with the fact that his mistake was solely due to his own doing.

You can watch the video here:

Sergio Perez eventually went on to win his first race for Red Bull after making the move in the summer. Meanwhile, Driver of the Day Sebastian Vettel also managed to get his first podium finish for Aston Martin, coming in second. AlphaTauri driver Pierre Gasly rounded off a highly unexpected list of podium finishers.

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