Lewis Hamilton has a peculiar reason for backing under-fire Valtteri Bottas, says Jenson Button

2009 Formula One World Championship winner Jenson Button has disclosed his opinions about Lewis Hamilton‘s support for Valtteri Bottas.

While there is a significant amount of criticism surrounding Bottas at the moment, Hamilton insists that this is Mercedes‘ “best line-up”.

Bottas has had a tough 2021 season till now where he endured 2 DNFs out of 5 races.

Valtteri Bottas’ failed pitstop in Monaco GP. Source: thesportsrush.com

The Finn is currently fourth in the standings.

Bottas is not ‘up to it’

After reports of Bottas not being “up to it” were circulated, teammate Lewis Hamilton has come forth and defended him by claiming that Bottas is “an amazing team-mate”.

Button claims that Bottas is “not quick enough” but that is okay with Hamilton. He says that the Brit has no problems with that as long as Bottas stays ahead of Red Bull’s Sergio Perez.

Button, however, would prefer that his fellow countryman have a more competitive team which would do well with the fans.

Bottas talking to Hamilton. Source: planetf1.com

Tough to beat Lewis: Button

Button told Planet F1: “Lewis is in a really good place, he’s confident in himself, and I always said that every driver has a weakness but at the moment Lewis isn’t really showing any weaknesses so that hurts, it’s tough to beat him like that.

“But Valtteri just hasn’t been quick enough, that’s it, he’s not quick enough at the moment. In qualifying, he’s done a great job at times but in the race, he’s generally not on Lewis’s pace.”

There are also rumors stating that Williams ace George Russell will probably replace Bottas by the end of this season.

“Well, the trouble is he’s doing a better job than Checo in the Red Bull so that’s all they need him to do,” Button said.

“Lewis is backing Valtteri as he will because it means that he gets all the glory.

Jenson Button. Source: planetf1.com

“Valtteri kind of challenges him in qualifying, which pushes him, but in the race it’s an easy win for Lewis, and the environment is good because Lewis backs Valtteri and Valtteri is not really challenging Lewis, they work together.

“It’s a great situation for everyone apart from the fans.”

What do the fans want?

Button was asked if fans were okay with seeing two top drivers in the same team.

“The teams don’t, but everyone else does,” he said.

“Fans want it and that’s what the sport should be. It’s a tricky one isn’t it? When me and Lewis were team-mates we took wins off of each other, one of us could have probably won the World Championship if the other didn’t win the races that they did.

“I finished second in 2011, Lewis almost won in 2010, and if we didn’t take wins off of each other we would have won the championship.

“But that’s the way Formula 1 should be: having two great drivers in a team that can fight for a World Championship,” he concluded.

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