Lewis Hamilton net worth: British F1 driver earns substantial amount of money through endorsements

Lewis Hamilton is one of the greatest to strap himself to an F1 car. The seven-time champion has the most wins of any driver ever. Success and Hamilton have gone hand-in-hand for the majority of his career.

Naturally, there would be many takers for Hamilton’s appeal and star. Sir Lewis enjoys a vast following, and is rightfully at the centre of various products and endorsements.

Serena Williams, who is an iconic tennis player, is also known to be an avid fan of Hamilton, even though she did seem quite clueless when on stage at the Monaco Grand Prix.

A lot of the money he makes comes from sponsorships and deals that he is able to attract as a direct result of his huge list of followers. His social media profiles show just how far his success in the sport and away from it has taken him.

He is by far the most eagerly followed sportspersons in the motorsport industry. He often says a host of controversial things which has also led to a swelling in the number of detractors he has, but it goes without saying that whenever anything does happen, people are keen to know Hamilton’s interpretation on the matter.

His success on track has been complemented by earnings from said products and endorsements. According to Celebrity Net Worth, his current net worth stands at an estimated $285 million.  

How F1 Driver Lewis Hamilton Spends His $285 Million Fortune
Lewis Hamilton (pictured) is a rich man on all accounts. Source: cheatsheet.com

While he earns a reported $30 million from Mercedes for the 2021 season, his sponsorship deals with top brands nets him more green arrows in the account. Hamilton endorses brands like Tommy Hilfiger and Monster Energy, and this contributes largely to his net worth. As of May 2020, Forbes estimated his value to be $54 million, and $12 million came from endorsements alone.

Hamilton has also led the way as far as the Black Lives Matter movement in Formula 1 is concerned. He cops flak for his style, but somehow always manages to stay relevant. Perhaps consistently being on top of his game has gone a long way in establishing his aura and appeal to even the casual Formula 1 fan.

So if you are gaping at his astronomical net worth, it’s only natural. He has worked his socks off to get where he is at today. Not bad at all for a man from Stevenage, Hertfordshire.

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