Lewis Hamilton not too worried about COVID-19 – “There are a lot of positives”

Lewis Hamilton is not too worried about COVID-19, insisting that there are a lot of positives to take from it.

The deadly pandemic engulfed the world nearly two years ago, and changed it as we know it. It has infected a lot of people, including the British Knight himself. Apparently, he is still suffering from the long-term effects of it. He was visibly exhausted and tired after the Hungarian GP, almost collapsing on the podium.

However, Hamilton does not want to look at the negatives of the situation. He wants to focus on the positives, and how the virus has been a reality check for many people. Hence, he is not too worried about it, and is looking at it through a positive lens.

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Lewis Hamilton (pictured) believes there are a lot of positives to take away from the virus. Source: beyondtheflag.com

As reported by Motorsport-Total, Hamilton said, “I think the situation naturally gave us all more time to think about things because we were isolated.

“That was positive in many ways. So I think we can take a lot of positive things with us from this time.

“And I just hope that we have learnt. That humanity has learnt from this experience. Because you just have to learn from it. Otherwise, we’ll just go back to where we were before. And I don’t know if that will necessarily be positive for the world,” he added.

No change

Hamilton also spoke about how the virus affected his routine and lifestyle. He said, “I definitely believe there are a lot of positives and for me personally it’s the way I manage my time.

“It’s about being present. It’s about making the most of the day, instead of thinking too far ahead,” the seven-time world champion concluded.

The virus or not, Hamilton hasn’t regressed a bit on track. As things stand, he is sitting at the top of the WDC standings. He took the lead from title rival Max Verstappen, and has momentum on his side after two podiums in two races, one of which was a win.

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