“Not be bullied”: Hamilton opens up on tough upbringing and desperation to succeed

Irrespective of being one of the best drivers to grace the Formula 1 platform, Lewis Hamilton has become a common household name owing to his spectacular performance in the sport.

Statistically, he has even out performed Michael Schumacher in all criteria and this year, he is expected to overtake him in the tally for most number of world titles.

On looking back at his journey, he had to overcome several obstacles considering he was a black kid chasing the motorsport dream. These obstacles were responsible in carving him into the beast that we all saw being unleased at the recent Bahrain GP.

In a prominently personal interview, he talks about how he had to show strength during tough times.

“I had a strength that I didn’t know I had. The growth I’ve made in being able to put my elbows out, stand up, not be pushed over and bullied was really empowering,” he said.

In a documentary released by the BBC, Hamilton’s father is said to have taken up several odd jobs so that he could support his son’s dreams.

It is instances like these that that were ultimately responsible for making him the competitor that he is known to be today.

“I think what makes me the driver I am today, yes it’s the ability, but I would say it’s the hunger. I’m so grateful for it, man. If we didn’t have that struggle, I couldn’t drive the way I do today.”

One of the key qualities that sets Hamilton apart is his absolutely terrific temperament which enables him to absorb even the most intense pressure and not reach breaking point even during unexpected scenarios.

“I don’t like the idea of someone trying to mess with my mind because I’m strong, and I know I’m strong enough and capable enough. I’ve done it my whole life,” he said.

Hamilton is expected to appear in Imola as Mercedes fights for the title especially against Red Bull who have matched up their level this year.

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