Lewis Hamilton pays homage to his pet Coco on her death anniversary

Lewis Hamilton‘s lovable pet bulldog Coco died exactly a year ago today. He has often been spotted with his two bulldogs, Coco and Roscoe.

Coco became a part of Lewis’s family back in 2013. But last year, the six-year-old dog died in his arms of a heart attack leaving the seven-time world champion shattered.

The Mercedes driver took to Instagram to pen a heartfelt message for his old friend.

“A year ago today, I lost Coco. Miss her every day. Grateful to have had her light upon me even if it was for a short moment in time,” he wrote.

Lewis has to bounce back strong in France

Hamilton has had a rough time back in Monaco and Baku in the narrow street circuits. After the two races, he was just able to add a mere seven points to his collection.

Such bad was his luck that he started from P2 during the restart at the Azerbaijan Grand Prix and finished last at P15.

This was after Max Verstappen blew a tyre and red flags were waved indicating a restart. Hamilton started second, but due to a wrong setting on his steering wheel, he ended up driving into the escape area into Turn 1.

Hamilton drives off the track in Baku; Source: motorsports.nbcsports.com

Will history repeat itself?

The last two races at the Paul Ricard circuit were won by Lewis Hamilton. It is yet to be seen if he will add another win at the iconic circuit this season.

Overall, Mercedes did not fare too well in the last two races. Red Bull are leading in the constructor’s standings by 25 points.

The outfit has been in the lead in both the driver’s and the constructor’s standings since the German Grand Prix of 2018. However, they have now been dethroned.

Will Red Bull emerge as the new champions? We are yet to see.

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