Did Lewis Hamilton have any pets before Roscoe? Was he always an animal lover growing up in Stevenage?

Lewis Hamilton is one of the most successful and celebrated Formula One drivers of all time, with seven world championships to his name. Some will argue that it should be eight championships, but that’s a debate for another day!

While Hamilton is known for his passion for racing and his dedication to fitness and training, he is also an animal lover who has owned several pets over the years.

One of his most famous pets is his beloved dog, Roscoe.

Lewis Hamilton and Roscoe. Credit: firstsportz.com
Lewis Hamilton and Roscoe. Credit: firstsportz.com

But has Hamilton always had pets before Roscoe?

Early Life and Childhood Pet Dog Truffles

Lewis Hamilton was born in Stevenage, Hertfordshire, England in 1985. His father, Anthony Hamilton, worked multiple jobs to support Lewis’s budding racing career.

Despite their financial struggles, the Hamilton family always had pets in their home. As a child, Hamilton had a dog named Truffles who he loved dearly.

Truffles was a Staffordshire Bull Terrier who Hamilton has said was his “best friend” growing up.

Hamilton’s Racing Career

Hamilton’s racing career began at a very young age, and his family’s love of animals was a constant in his life even as he rose to international fame.

As he began competing in karting championships around the UK, Hamilton often took his pets with him to races.

One of his earliest memories of racing was competing with his father’s dog, Coco, in the back of the van on the way to a race.

Lewis Hamilton and Roscoe. Credit: eveningstandard.co.uk
Lewis Hamilton and Roscoe. Credit: eveningstandard.co.uk

As Hamilton’s career progressed, he continued to have pets in his life. Lewis has owned a variety of animals over the years, including dogs, cats, and even a parrot.

But it was his dog Roscoe who captured the hearts of racing fans around the world.

In 2020, Hamilton announced to his fans that Coco had passed away, claiming it was one of the toughest days of his life.

Rosco: Hamilton’s Beloved Dog, But Not His Only Pet

Hamilton adopted Roscoe in 2013, and the bulldog quickly became a fixture in his life.

Hamilton often brings Roscoe with him to races and events, and the dog has become something of a mascot for the Hamilton family.

Roscoe even has his own Instagram account, with over 200,000 followers. This undoubtedly makes him one of the most popular celebrity dogs going around.

Hamilton has been very open about his love for Roscoe, and he has said that the dog brings a sense of calm and balance to his busy life.

In interviews, Hamilton has spoken about how much he enjoys spending time with his pets, and he has encouraged others to adopt animals from shelters rather than buying from breeders.

Hamilton’s Love for Animals

Hamilton’s love for animals is well-documented, and he has used his platform as a famous athlete to advocate for animal rights.

Hamilton and Coco. Credit: huffpost.com
Hamilton and Coco. Credit: huffpost.com

He has spoken out against animal cruelty and has encouraged others to adopt pets rather than buying them from pet stores.

The Mercedes driver had famously led an appeal to make people in China view dogs as pets and stop consuming their meat, given that it is considered a delicacy in some parts of the country.

In 2018, Hamilton even became a vegan, citing his concern for animal welfare as one of the reasons for the change.

Hamilton’s advocacy for animal rights has earned him the admiration of many fans, and he has used his platform to raise awareness about the importance of treating animals with kindness and respect.


Lewis Hamilton has always had a love for animals, and he has owned several pets over the years. While his dog Rosco has become one of the most famous pets in the racing world, Hamilton’s love for animals extends far beyond his beloved bulldog.

From his childhood dog Truffles to his current pets, Hamilton has always had a soft spot for furry friends.

As Hamilton continues to compete at the highest levels of motorsport, it is clear that his love for animals remains an important part of his life.

Whether he is on the track or spending time with his pets, Hamilton’s dedication and passion are an inspiration to fans around the world.

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