Lewis Hamilton race wins: Looking back at the Mercedes driver’s best triumphs

Lewis Hamilton is perhaps one of the most successful drivers of Formula One of all times. He holds the F1 record for most career race victories and is tied for the most driver championships with Michael Schumacher (seven).

Hamilton became the first Black driver to win the F1 world drivers’ championship in 2008. He has an illustrious career.

Today, we look at five of his best races of all times in no particular order.

5) Turkish Grand Prix 2020

Lewis Hamilton. Source: AFP

Lewis Hamilton won the Turkish GP in a car that was by no means the fastest car on the grid.

In the 2020 season, Lewis Hamilton was his usual self racking up victories and podiums. Because of which he received widespread criticism as people believed that his car provided an edge to him over other competitors.

When the Formula One train arrived in Turkey, the paddock was met with a slick track and rain, the formbook was tossed out the window, and no obvious pecking order emerged.

However, one thing was clear: Mercedes had the most difficulty, as their edge had evaporated in the harsh circumstances.

The Mercedes cars qualified sixth and ninth, respectively, and lacked the necessary speed to challenge the leaders. On the other hand, the race was a different story, as Hamilton maintained his composure despite his competitors stumbling over themselves in hazardous circumstances.

In an unlikely turn of events, Hamilton claimed the lead on lap 37 and never looked back.

In a season where he’s been chastised for his car’s competitiveness, this was a stark reminder of just how excellent a driver Hamilton is, and it’s not just the car; it’s also the driver.

4) German Grand Prix 2018

The 2018 German Grand Prix will live on in the minds of Formula One fans as the race that forever changed Sebastian Vettel’s career path. However, it also saw Lewis Hamilton put in a championship-worthy performance.

Lewis Hamilton came from 14th place in qualifying due to a hydraulics issue to win the race in what had been a tight-knit championship up until that point. That victory was crucial in the title race, as Hamilton triumphed in the face of adversity while Vettel crashed out of the lead.

From there, Hamilton went on to win his fifth championship. In contrast, Vettel buckled under pressure and eventually lost the title and his Ferrari seat in later years.

3) Hungarian Grand Prix 2017

Lewis Hamilton. Source: planetf1.com

The Ferraris of Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen led the race when Vettel’s vehicle malfunctioned. The Mercedes team directed Valtteri Bottas to let Lewis Hamilton past to attack the Ferraris.

While Hamilton was unable to overtake the Ferraris, it was doubtful that he would relinquish the lead to Bottas since Max Verstappen was closing in on him. However, Hamilton slowed enough to let Valtteri Bottas sneak ahead in the final corner.

This act revealed a different side of Hamilton in a season as highly contested as 2017. A true competitor who would offer his colleague an equal chance to compete for the championship.

If there is one thing that distinguishes Michael Schumacher from Lewis Hamilton, it has to be the fact that the latter never requested special treatment from his crew.

2) Hungarian Grand Prix 2013

Lewis Hamilton celebrating. Courtesy: f1fanasite.com

Lewis Hamilton won his first race with Mercedes at the Hungaroring in 2013. Everyone was taken aback as Hamilton decided to jump from McLaren to Mercedes in 2013.

McLaren was a consistent title challenger, whereas Mercedes was still establishing its feet in Formula One. The German team could do great things under Ross Brawn, Niki Lauda, and others. But they had yet to prove themselves in the world of F1. When Hamilton joined Mercedes, everything changed. The changeover corresponded with McLaren’s demise, as the team dropped to midfield in 2013. As Mercedes moved closer to the front of the grid.

Although still uneasy with his car, Lewis Hamilton saw his colleague Nico Rosberg win two races this season while he had yet to do so. He’d make amends at the Hungaroring in Hungary. Hamilton won the race from pole position, becoming the first of many victories for the Hamilton-Mercedes alliance.

1) British Grand Prix 2008

Lewis Hamilton battling it out. Source: F1 fanasite

Lewis Hamilton dominated the race in treacherous conditions at Silverstone.

Hamilton had already established himself as one of the greatest drivers on the grid by his second season in the sport. With Fernando Alonso driving an uncompetitive Renault, Mclaren and Ferrari drivers would fight the title race.

Hamilton put on a clinic in tricky conditions at one of the most difficult courses on the calendar. While title rivals Kimi Raikkonen and Felipe Massa struggled to maintain their cars on the track, he went out in his McLaren to clock the quickest laps at will. Hamilton’s performance was legendary, as he won the race by a massive 68 seconds over second-placed driver Nick Heidfeld. Everyone knew Hamilton was great by this point, but what he achieved at Silverstone put him in an entirely different league.

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