Lewis Hamilton recalls searching for deceased Ayrton Senna back in 1995 award ceremony

During a recent fan meet, seven-time world champion, Lewis Hamilton was found reminiscing Brazilian Formula 1 legend Ayrton Senna.

Lewis also mentioned how he was looking for Senna at an award ceremony, a year after his passing.

The Brit went on to state how he approached Ron Dennis to help him with a seat with McLaren.

Hamilton also revealed that his most prized possession is Senna’s F1 helmet.

‘Watched Senna’s video everyday’

The Mercedes driver talked about how much of an influence Senna was on his life and his driving. He also mentioned how badly he wanted to join McLaren to walk in the footsteps of the Brazilian legend.

“I was coming home and watching Formula 1 and watching Ayrton Senna’s video ‘Racing is in my Blood’ every day,” said Hamilton.

“My mind was set. I want to drive a McLaren, it’s my favorite looking car, and it’s got my favorite driver in it.

“Then when I won the championship, I got this opportunity to go to this award ceremony, and I’d never been to anything like it before. 

“And when I got there, my dad was telling me who is who because I’m a ten-year-old, I have no idea,” he added.

‘Was looking for Senna’

Hamilton also talked about how he was looking for Senna at an award ceremony.

“I’m looking for Ayrton but of course, Ayrton is not there because he passed away the year before,” he added.

“So my dad goes, ‘That’s Ron Dennis over there. He is the boss of McLaren that makes those cars that you love.’ 

“And I knew immediately at that point, that’s who Ayrton drives for and that’s who I want to drive for,” he mentioned.

Hamilton’s prized possession

Hamilton, at the age of nine, would watch Senna’s video every day and would have been proud of the driver he has become today.

Not only did he get a chance to drive for McLaren, but he also managed to win his very first championship with the outfit.

In the following years, he broke record after record and matched Michael Schumacher‘s record of seven championship wins. However, the Canadian Grand Prix has a special place in Hamilton’s heart.

In 2017, Hamilton secured his 65th pole position which tied him for the second-most pole positions with Senna.

The Brazilian racer’s family took the opportunity to present the Brit with a replica of Senna’s helmet.

What did Hamilton say on getting the gift?

After receiving the amazing gift, Hamilton was beyond ecstatic.

“I am shaking. Ayrton is the one who inspired me to be where I am. To match him and receive this is the greatest honor,” he stated.

“For the Senna family to send me this… is the most special thing I have above and beyond all my trophies and everything.

“I am honored to be honored by that family and honestly I couldn’t be happier,” he concluded.

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