Lewis Hamilton reveals his top teammate of all time – “It’s not just driver performance”

Mercedes currently find themselves riddled with pressure thanks to rivals Red Bull‘s top form this 2021 season.

This is the first time since 2014 that the Silver Arrows are in such a tough spot.

To make things worse, Valtteri Bottas is not able to give a consistent performance. While he was unlucky in Monaco and France, his driving was not at par in Baku and Imola.

This has led to the rise in rumours that George Russell will soon replace the Finn.

Hamilton backs Bottas

Mercedes’ British driver Lewis Hamilton; Source: japantimes.co.jp

Lewis Hamilton, however, has backed his current teammate stating that he is the best driver he had worked with.

“Valtteri is my team-mate now and we’ve both of us had our ups and downs in our careers,” he told reporters.

“But as I said, I think he is a fantastic team-mate and I don’t necessarily see that it needs to change. We have worked well for many years.

“Valtteri has been my best team-mate overall and when I say team-mate it’s not just driver performance, it’s about team morale and how you work in the team-mate environment,” he concluded.

Other drivers have also been significant

Valtteri Bottas and Lewis Hamilton; Source: ftw.usatoday.com

It is fair to say that Hamilton has had partners who have been quicker than Bottas.

Fernando Alonso is one example. Additionally, Jenson Button and Nico Rosberg too make the list.

But Hamilton is talking mainly about harmony which he shared with Bottas that places him on top of the list.

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