Lewis Hamilton reveals the biggest advantage of the Netflix series Drive to Survive

Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton has revealed the biggest advantage of Drive to Survive.

F1 has always been a unique sport to assess. However, when Netflix arrived with the amazing Drive to Survive documentary, it brought in many more fans. The series has been critically acclaimed, and has received praise from the F1 paddock. Among them is seven-time champion Hamilton.

W Magazine recently held an interview between Hamilton and American actor Christopher Meloni. During the interview, Meloni revealed that he started following F1 and fell in love with the sport because of DTS. He revealed that DTS expertly showed the depth of the sport.

Netflix Drive to Survive: Season 3 coming March 19, teaser released - dlmag
Drive to Survive has brought in way more eyeballs to the sport. Source: dlmag.com

“I really didn’t know about Formula 1. A friend turned me on to the series. I got to tell you, man, it’s one of these few shows that absolutely educated me and introduced me into a world that I had no idea about,” Meloni said.

Hamilton agreed with Meloni’s comments. The Mercedes driver praised the impact of DTS, and thanked it for making F1 as mainstream as other sports.

“It’s been amazing to see the reactions to Drive to Survive. It is a difficult sport for people to tune in to because, of course, we all played basketball, football,” Hamilton said.

“We can all go and do that, you know? We can all try it at least, but not many people get to try driving a foreign car. Maybe you can do go-karting. But that man and machine synergy that’s needed, I appreciate that you noticed that. Because I don’t know if anyone does.”

Must-see TV

Season 1 & 2 of DTS was hailed as a Netflix gem. The two seasons raised the hype for the next one, which didn’t live up to expectations. However, Season 4 is on the way, and the way this season is going, it might be an absolute cracker.

So many things have happened this season, and you can bet they will all make the cut. We can’t wait to binge it after the season is over.

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