Lewis Hamilton rules out politics as a future career option

Seven-time champion Lewis Hamilton has ruled out politics as a future career option.

Hamilton has had a stellar F1 career, and is one of the greatest drivers of all time. But there will come a time when he has to end his F1 career. With him being an advocate for many things like equality, diversity and inclusivity, one might assume he would have a keen interest in politics.

However, the British driver, who looks to be a Mercedes driver again for the foreseeable future, has stated that he has no desire to pursue a career in politics once he retires.

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Lewis Hamilton (pictured) doesn’t think he is cut out for a career in politics Source: planetf1.com

Speaking in an interview with Corriere della Sera, Hamilton addressed the prospects of a political venture.

“No! I’m not good at politics,” he said.

“I’m just trying to make my contribution, to find a way to get messages across, (and) to make sure my five-year-old nephew, and those of his generation, don’t live what we have. May they find a more open world,” he said.

Personal responsibility

Hamilton has always urged people to be vocal about their needs and desires. He has routinely urged his fans, fellow drivers and team members to call and push for change in various issues. He used the example of the Israel-Palestine conflict to address his point.

“Many don’t talk because they don’t know enough, and I respect them,” Hamilton said.

“But I also don’t see why they can’t learn. We live in times when everyone comments on everything, sometimes without even trying to understand.

“I was reading the reactions on the war between Israel and Palestine. The majority are people who have never set foot in those places or who have not read anything.

“There are those who say ‘Who cares?’ and those who are worried. I feel responsibility,” he concluded.

The fact that Hamilton is always striving to make a difference is testament to what a class act he is, yet it should be the bare minimum for every human being. Everyone must do their best to make the world a better place, and address issues when they see them.

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