Lewis Hamilton teams: A look at the F1 teams the Mercedes star driver has driven for

Lewis Hamilton is one of the greatest drivers in F1 history, and that title does not come without being a serial winner. He has raced for two great teams and won titles with both. Even if said titles are excluded, his driving ability and his pace were on full display throughout his career.

Hamilton started his professional Formula 1 career in 2007. McLaren introduced the young driver, but even they had no idea how big of a star they had on their hands.

He had a record-breaking debut season and impressed fans with his ability. By finishing second in the WDC by a solitary point, he became the youngest-ever runner-up in F1 history. He would go one better the next season, winning the title to become the then-youngest champion in F1 history.

Lewis Hamilton (pictured) celebrates his maiden title win with McLaren. Source: planetf1.com

At this point, everyone was convinced Hamilton was the next big thing in F1. He would fail to repeat his championship heroics at McLaren, and jumped ship to Mercedes. Many called the move a gamble, with Mercedes having no recent history of success.

Next stop: Greatness

The arrival of the hybrid era coincided with the arrival of the Mercedes and Hamilton era. Hamilton never looked back from then on, and won a further six titles. He clinched the championship in 2014, 2015, 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020. The seven-time champion is showing no signs of stopping, and is firmly in contention for title #8.

Hamilton has left rubber and broken records in his wake. He has shattered countless records on his drive to glory. So many wins have been accumulated by the Brit that he is now firmly in the conversation for the greatest driver of all time. You can make a case for his legacy eclipsing that of any driver’s, and you wouldn’t be wrong at all.

When Lewis decides to call it quits on his F1 career, we will have witnessed the end of an era. Whether he will race for a third team is a question for the future. Two is more than enough, as he has demonstrated. Being a serial winner is all that matters.

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