Lewis Hamilton’s father Anthony was one of the main reasons the Mercedes driver began racing

Lewis Hamilton is one of the greatest drivers in F1 history, possibly THE definitive greatest. His rise to prominence and legendary status is well-documented.

Hamilton was born in Stevenage, Hertfordshire, to Anthony Hamilton and Carmen Larbalestier. At the tender of age two, Hamilton saw his parents file for divorce and separate. His father was a major reason he got into the world of racing.

Anthony bought Lewis his first remote-controlled car when he was six years old. It was love at first sight for young Hamilton. He received a go-kart from his father for Christmas a year later, and it was the beginning of something wonderful.

Lewis Hamilton's father begins court proceedings against Paul
Lewis Hamilton’s father Anthony Hamilton (pictured)

Anthony helped Lewis pursue go-karting. It was the beginning of a career that would become what it is today. In the span of seven years, Hamilton went from being an upstart at the Rye House Kart Circuit to a superstar in Formula Super A.

His father was a key figure in his development. Lewis recalled how he taught him to brake late during his karting days.

On a show with Graham Bensinger, Lewis revealed the man behind his late-braking technique.

“My dad would go around and he would stand on the track and see where the best driver, the British champion, was braking,” he said.

“So, he was breaking here, the corner’s that over there, he would move further down the road, a couple of meters further. And he would be like, ‘you got to break here. Not where he’s breaking, break further.”

Anthony Hamilton no longer his son’s manager

His father remained his racing manager until 2010, when father and son separated. Hamilton downplayed the incident, saying his father had other things to do.

“Dad will miss being here, but it was me who initiated the break,” Hamilton said.

“He’s got other things to focus on, and I don’t want my dad being my manager anymore.”

Anthony later revealed that Hamilton wanted to be his own person, and he respected his son’s decision. He says he is proud of his son’s career and who he has become.

“He decided he wanted to be his own man. I was comfortable with that,” Anthony said.

Whatever happened, Anthony Hamilton played a major role in shaping Lewis Hamilton’s racing career. Though not the best father-son dynamic, it was good enough to make him who he is today.

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