Lewis Hamilton’s hapless incident during Baku GP was not entirely bad luck – “Simple finger problem”

Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff had a tough day at the office on Sunday during the Azerbaijan Grand Prix.

This comes after Lewis Hamilton fell from a comfortable P2 to the last place after the restart and Valtteri Bottas struggled to finish in P12.

Hamilton’s unfortunate incident has been pinned on the brake balance of the car.

Toto Wolff in an interview. Source: streamable.com

Wolff reveals what really happened

In an interview with Sky Sports, Wolff mentioned that the issue was caused by a switch on the steering wheel.

“It can’t be called a mistake,” he said. “It was just when Sergio when he came over… we have the same procedure.

“He touched the button that changed the brake balance and the brake balance went all the way forward and the car didn’t stop.

“I think it was more a simple finger problem,” he added.

Car has underlying issues

Hamilton’s car races off-course. Source: marca.com

Wolff also said that the car has been unable to perform both in Monaco and now in Baku. This is because of several underlying issues with it.

“We aren’t getting off the start into the happy window with the tyres. After stops, we made operational mistakes and we lose all the time,” he said.

“As you can see today, we lose all the time in the twisty old town/city circuits. This is what happened in Monaco.

It’s not suddenly that the car that won 3 races is nowhere. We know the deficits. We see this in particular areas of the tracks,” he stated.

Wolff does not blame Bottas

Wolff was asked about Bottas’ performance which clearly showed him struggling.

But the team boss said that it was the car that was to blame for that.

“The car was nowhere. And, when the car is nowhere on a city circuit you lose all confidence,” he mentioned.

Valtteri Bottas. Source: planetf1.com

‘We are going to come back’

Wolff concluded on a positive note saying that the season is not yet over and things can take a turn from here.

“I have no doubt that this is a team that is so strong and so angry, we are going to transfer the anger to a positive force and we are going to come back,” he concluded.

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