“Lewis lives in a world of his own, I have been doing it for years”: Grosjean takes sly dig

Lewis Hamilton recently spent time cooling off at the Alps. He found his refuge in skiing during uncertain times with regards to his contract at Mercedes ahead of the upcoming season.

Whether it was just to blow off some steam or Hamilton indeed just wanted to try something new, the British driver was keen to communicate his feelings on social media.

“Cross-country skiing at 2000m. This is one of the greatest workouts I’ve discovered over the years. Feeling so focused. Finding peace and tranquility in all I do and never giving up! Sending you big waves of energy,” he wrote.

Former F1 driver Romain Grosjean was left amused after hearing this. In a sly dig at Hamilton, he urged the seven-time world champion to follow his social media posts more closely.

Grosjean, it appears, has been skiing in the Alps for nearly a decade now and his social media is cluttered with pictures of him in the enjoying the snow.

Grosjean joked saying that Hamilton was too self-absorbed and lived in his own world.

“Lewis lives in his own world. Funny enough, recently, he posted a lot of pictures of him on cross-country skiing,” Grosjean said.

“He says this is the best training in the world. Why didn’t I know before about it? Well, if you had been watching my social media for the last 10 years, you know I do it every winter.

“You know, I’ve been competing in cross-country events. I think it’s mega, and it really gives you a great physique.”

Grosjean further added that he would be more than happy to accompany Hamilton on a skiing adventure. Perhaps it is here that the British driver will finally find something to learn from the Frenchman.

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