“Lewis wishes him well”: Hamilton loses close aide ahead of season-opener

Lewis Hamilton will begin the 2021 season in an unfamiliar situation. He will be without one of his closest aides in Marc Hynes.

Hynes handled Hamilton’s business and logistic interests and has now vacated his position. He was also the CEO of ‘Project 44’.

The future of Hynes in a capacity alongside Hamilton was under question during the off-season. The two parties, however, have split on good terms.

Hamilton noted that Hynes was keen to try other roles in the sport.

“Marc has left Project 44 to pursue other opportunities within motorsports and Lewis wishes him well knowing that he will be as valuable to his next challenge, as he was to P44,” a source close to Hamilton told the DailyMail.

“Lewis is very grateful for all his support over the last five years, both personally and in helping him build his company.

“During that time Lewis won four world championships and broke numerous records, and Marc was part of and shared in that success.

“Marc and Lewis have known each other since they were young, as friends first and business partners second, so, while they are parting ways in a business sense, they remain close friends.”

Hynes, who has been in charge of ‘Project 44’ for 7 years, is believed to be a close friend of Hamilton.

Apart from that, he was directly handling a lot of Hamilton’s work and his departure may leave a void that will not be instantly filled.

However, Hamilton is a thorough professional. With the lure of a record-breaking eighth F1 world championship on offer, expect the Stevenage-born 36-year-old to come out fully focused.

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