Longest pitstop in the history of Formula 1: Mercedes lead the way by huge margin

Formula 1 is all about those few seconds which can make or break a team down. As a result, when drivers go for a pitstop, all focus is on the crew to get the car ready for action as fast as possible.

When a car pits, the four tyres are changed. In certain cases, the front wing might also require to be changed.

In motorsports, a pitstop can be done for refueling, new tires, mechanical changes, or a punishment. Many times, it is also a combination of reasons.

Pitstops can make or break a race

Red Bull pitstop. Source: thesportsrush.com

Depending on the race, a pitstop can also be planned or unplanned and a car might pit once or even twice depending on the circuit.

Pitstops can vary in duration based on which part needs to be changed. The time might increase if a driver suffers a puncture or needs debris cleared from the car.

Red Bull have pitstops under control

Normally, a pitstop takes 2-3 seconds. Red Bull are known for their sub-2-second pitstops.

Red Bull also holds the world record for the quickest pitstop in the world. It was performed at the 2019 Brazilian Grand Prix and the time was 1.82 seconds.

Mercedes seem to suffer while pitting

In contrast, the longest ever pitstop has been recorded by Mercedes during the 2021 Monaco Grand Prix.

It lasted for 43 hours, and 15 minutes because the tyre was stuck to the car with a wheel nut that would not come off.

It was because of this that Valtteri Bottas had to retire from that particular race even after driving at second place throughout.

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