Looking for a champ? Here are 3 signs that a horse is a potential winner

Horse racing is an excellent pastime for many, and for some, it is profitable. If you’re one of the latter, you already know that you both have to be knowledgeable and lucky to win in horse racing betting. 

Now, the exact ratio of that might be unknown, but we all know that you’ll likely win more horse racing bets than you anticipated with tons of research. The aim of horse racing betting, for the most part, is to guess which horse will be the winner of the race. 

As mentioned earlier, you both need knowledge and luck to guess which horse will win. Of course, we can’t do something about our luck, but luckily, there’s a lot that we can do in terms of research. If you want to know which horse is most likely to win, some telltale signs can lead you to the right horse. But what are the signs that we should look out for? Read on to learn about them.

Stellar track record

Of course, a winning horse would have a lot of wins or at least close calls in their track record. In terms of close calls, it’s generally a good sign if a horse is a consistent top three in its recent horses. We say recent because if those races are old, the information is relevant. But how do you know that it will have a better performance in the upcoming race? 

If a horse just got out of its vacation, it will take 1-2 races  to get back to its peak physical performance. For example, in its last two races, it finished 3rd and 2nd. Therefore, the horse will have a high possibility of winning the race. Now that you know the horse has a stellar track record, the following things that you should check out are the factors of its wins. 

For example, if the recent race was held on a dirt surface and the upcoming race uses the same, the horse will most likely be on its top performance or even better. However, if it’s a different track surface, the horse will adjust to that race and will not be at its best. 

You can also check out other factors, like what type of race it is, the weather, etc.

Number of days rested

Speaking of rest, just like human athletes, horses also need some rest to recuperate. If it’s too tired to race, it will most likely be behind until the end. Or, if it has too much time to rest, the horse will be too relaxed to race because it will feel lazy. It’s just like a human on Monday morning after a long weekend sort of thing. Well, horses can also relate to that. 

That said, how many days should a horse rest? 

The spot we’re looking for is between 30 to 60 days. However, even if the horse had the right amount of rest, you shouldn’t expect it to be at its top physical performance immediately. Most horses will take at least 1 to 2 races to be back to their peak performance. But, as mentioned earlier, if you look at the horse’s track record and see that its finishes are rising towards the number 1 spot, it’s generally a good idea to bet on that horse.

Repeat contestant

Have you ever heard of the saying, “Never expect a horse to do something it has never done before”? If you have, then there’s a chance that you might be sick of hearing it already because it’s one of the most famous sayings during a horse racing events. However, no matter how sick you hear it, the saying makes sense. 

For example, if the horse has participated in the Kentucky Derby multiple times and has never won it at least once, you shouldn’t expect that horse to win the next one. Of course, there is a time when the contrary happens, but it’s rare. 

On the other hand, the opposite of that saying also makes sense. If a previous winner of the Kentucky Derby participates in this year’s Kentucky Derby, then there’s a huge chance it will also win this one, or at least be in the top three spots.

Final words

Horse racing betting involves both research and luck. We may not be able to do something about luck, but there’s a lot we can do in research. By researching things about the horse and looking for the signs discussed above, there’s a massive chance that you will win your bets.

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