Luca Corberi appeals against his 15-year ban, states actions were “in a state of anger”

Italian karter Luca Corberi has appealed against his 15-year ban, stating his actions were done in a state of anger.

In 2020, Corberi was at the centre of an ugly controversy, one that shook the foundations of motorsport. Many drivers from across multiple racing communities were unanimous in their disapproval of Corberi’s actions. These included F1 drivers like Jenson Button, Max Verstappen, George Russell and Felipe Massa.

With fans vocal about their hatred for Corberi, the tribunal was forced to announce a 15-year ban for the Italian. It was originally supposed to be a lifetime ban, but given the 23-year-old’s age, they felt the young racing driver didn’t deserve such a harsh punishment.

Luca Corberi Throws Bumper, Tackles Opponent in Karting Championships
Luca Corberi (out of kart) threw his bumper at his rival, and was slapped with a ban. Source:

But it looks like Corberi isn’t pleased with the ban, and is eager to challenge it. He pleaded not guilty in the infamous fight incident. The hearing for his case will take place later this month.

According to Autosport, the FIA ruled on April 19 that Corberi would be banned from taking part in any international racing events, He challenged this decision four days later on April 23. The date of the final hearing has now been set in stone, and it will be June 22, 2021.

Corberi’s lawyers argued that his actions were done “in a state of anger, determined by the unjust fact of others.” They blamed Ippolito, the driver who caused the collision. They also said that the ban for all racing events was not in the spirit of things. They challenged that when an athlete assaults another athlete, the guilty one would only face a ban in that particular sporting event.

The incident

Corberi was taking part in the 2020 FIA KZ Karting World Championship Final. There, he collided with his rival Paolo Ippolito, and his race was a DNF. But then he overreacted to a very extreme measure.

He refused to leave the track, and waited for the cars to approach him for the next lap. He took the broken bumper of his car, and threw it at Ippolito’s car as it passed him. The other drivers then had to steer clear of the debris.

But he didn’t stop there. He then went on to physically assault Ippolito after the chequered flag, with his father joining the brawl. It got so ugly that the Italian authorities had to intervene, and the FIA issued the ban. The video immediately became viral and angered fans of the sport.

All we can do is wait a few more days to hear the end of this. Will Corberi get a lifeline? Or will the FIA stick with their ban?

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