“Makes us lose the position”: Wolff furious with Mazepin impeding Hamilton during Grand Prix

The Spanish Grand Prix saw Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff enraged and reach out to FIA race director Michael Masi over an incident involving Lewis Hamilton.

Hamilton began from the pole position but lost it to Max Verstappen just entering into the first corner of the race.

The seven-time world champion, however, managed to tail his rival just until the first round of pitstops commenced.

Verstappen went in first as Hamilton tried to gain on him with his old soft tyres.

Mercedes wanted to keep Hamilton out for a while but Verstappen was gaining speed due to his fresh mediums. This led to Hamilton entering the pits.

The Brit faced an unusual situation when he struggled to get past Nikita Mazepin who was being shown the blue flag.

Hamilton was coming up to lap Mazepin who was supposed to let him pass as soon as possible because of the blue flags. Mazepin, however, took his time which led to Toto Wolff becoming enraged.

In what was a first, Sky Sports broadcasted the radio message from Wolff to FIA race director Masi. Wolff was clearly furious.

“Michael, blue flags,” Wolff raged.

“Michael, this guy makes us lose the position.”

In the fierce battle between Hamilton and Verstappen at this stage, this incident sure led to Hamilton lose pace which favoured the Dutchman. Hamilton was, of course, able to make a comeback and win the Grand Prix.

Mercedes had Hamilton complete a few more laps on his tyres before calling him to the pit.

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