Martin Brundle analyses Mercedes’ shortcomings in what was a flawed race for the team

According to Martin Brundle, the French Grand Prix started off on a predictable note and thus was difficult to comprehend how the race would end.

However, Red Bull turned the tables around after Max Verstappen overtook Lewis Hamilton in the closing stages of the race to claim victory.

Initially, it seemed that Mercedes had the upper hand but the race ended with Red Bull on the podium.

What did Brundle say?

Red Bull and Mercedes battle it out; Source:

“At first it appeared that Mercedes had the upper hand and Bottas looked particularly quick as the trio pulled away from Perez and the rest of the field,” Brundle stated.

“But Mercedes were using their tyres harder and Bottas apparently had a vibration from a lock up and so they pitted him first of the leaders.”

There was a failure on the part of Mercedes after they had Valtteri Bottas overtake Max Verstappen who turned the situation into an offensive taking down the Silver Arrows.

Hamilton wanted to retake his lost position

“For all the world it looked as if Mercedes thought they’d undercut Verstappen with Bottas and then keep Lewis in the lead. They say not, but they lost out big time,” Brundle stated.

This was because the three drivers were close to each other towards the end of the race.

On several occasions, Hamilton wanted to attack Verstappen but was unable to.

Red Bull returned Barcelona compliment

“Red Bull returned the compliment from Barcelona earlier this year by giving up track position and committing to a two stopper by pitting Max on lap 32,” Brundle added.

“It was too late for Mercedes to respond and so the only two levers they had left to pull was for Bottas to hold Verstappen up as he steamed through on fresh medium tyres, and for Hamilton to magic up some pace on old tyres just as he has done many times before.

“Neither lever was enough to stop a brilliant Verstappen victory in an enthralling race,” he concluded.

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