Martin Brundle: “There is data that Red Bull can use to blame Lewis Hamilton”

The massive crash between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton has become the subject of conversation following the British Grand Prix.

The battle between Red Bull and Mercedes, already at its peak off the track has now reached new heights.

Martin Brundle, a Formula 1 analyst, talked about the radio messages that began the moment the crash took place in a report.

What did Brundle write?

“I felt a little uncomfortable hearing the radio messages from Red Bull and Mercedes, who were trying to influence the situation by lobbying the race director,” Brundle wrote

“Apparently, that’s how communication goes these days. Michael Masi logically referred them to the stewards, but I imagine the process will be different in the future.”

He was however empathetic about Red Bull’s intense reaction.

‘It was a professional foul’

Brundle further added: “Red Bull thought it was a professional foul, an intentional accident by Hamilton.

“They were white-hot that their potential world champion was fur and blue, their car was badly damaged in times of the budget ceiling and foresaw possible penalties because of engine and other damage.”

Just by looks of the damaged car, the cost estimate to fix it would amount up to a million pounds.

Data available on Hamilton’s speed

Red Bull is filing a legal case against Hamilton and Mercedes following this incident. They also claim to have data to back up the case.

“I have been told by Red Bull that there is data that they can use to prove that Hamilton went into Copse Corner significantly faster than at any other time and that he could not have made the corner without going wide and inevitably tapping Verstappen in the end,” Brundle added.

“It is likely that this data will come out,” Brundle continued.

“And if Red Bull think they have ‘new evidence’, then they can appeal to the FIA because they think Hamilton is more at fault than first thought and the punishment for the Briton was handled too leniently,” he concluded.

In any case, there will be legal action. We can only wait and see how the entire fiasco plays out.

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