Mattia Binotto laughs off differences between Carlos Sainz and Charles Leclerc

With the start of the 2021 F1 season, there was a major contrast between the two Ferrari drivers Carlos Sainz and Charles Leclerc.

On one hand, the Monegasque seemed to be quite aggressive in his stance while Sainz was a lot more ‘rational’ in his approach.

The Spaniard was known to take calculated steps during races and hardly engaged with other drivers.

As a result, many people were left wondering if the pairing were apt for Ferrari.

But with time, the two drivers have together proved their worth with their on-track antics and securing hefty points for Ferrari.

Binotto pleased with Ferrari duo

Ferrari’s team boss, Mattia Binotto has been very vocal about the two drivers and their driving skills.

The Italian also admitted that the Sainz-Leclerc team pairing has been the best on the 2021 grid.

The two drivers have not only always abided with team orders, but they have also bonded very well off the track.

What did Binotto say?

In an interview with Motorsport, Binotto disclosed why ‘aggression’ and ‘rational’ are the wrong words to describe the Ferrari duo.

“I am convinced that we have the best couple in Formula 1 today. They are two talented, fast, young drivers, an aspect that gives us guarantees for the future. And they also have experience,” he said.

“I don’t think that an ‘arrembante’ and a ‘rational’ is the correct definition. Carlos also made mistakes for being an arrembante. He too wants to be as fast as possible,” he stated.

Leclerc is not being aggressive

Binotto also added that Leclerc being called an aggressive driver is a comical situation.

“Charles has great potential. He’s a guy we’ve known for a long time. And I think he’s rational too,” Binotto continued.

“He’s been able to manage long-distance races relying on his talent but also using his head. He’s an intelligent driver, and he’s improving a lot. His ability to handle tires,” he added.

Ferrari took calculated steps before recruiting Sainz

Binotto also stated that the Prancing Horses did a lot of analysis before deciding on recruiting Sainz for the team’s second driver.

“I’m not surprised at how well he’s doing,” he mentioned.

“When we offered him the contract we had done a lot of analysis and we had seen that he was undoubtedly a fast guy.

“Consistent in the race and capable of bringing many points to the team and also very lucid in communications,” he said.

Overall, things are great in Ferrari with the current line-up.

With 163 points in the constructor’s standings, will Ferrari be able to cross the 300 mark? Only time will tell.

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