Mattia Binotto sees light at the end of the tunnel- “Being third is a possible objective”

Talking about the second half of the current season, Ferrari team boss, Mattia Binotto sees great potential in his drivers.

Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz have been giving a phenomenal performance till now.

If the outfit can continue with their pace into the second half, the team boss believes that a third place in the constructors could well be possible.

In a conversation with, Binotto explained a bit about Ferrari’s goal for the season.

What did Binotto say?

“The objective is trying to improve furthermore in all the areas,” he began.

“And to do that, I think if we are capable of doing that continuous improving, I think that the outcome will be arriving third.”

“I think that being third is certainly a possible objective. We are third at the moment, equal on points but we are third, but the team is doing well and we are improving,” he continued.

Best line-up for Ferrari

Binotto further added that the current line-up of Sainz and Leclerc is the best for the team yet.

“I think, as I said, I think we’ve got the best line-up, and there is still a lot of potential to come from them, they are progressing, they are learning,” he concluded.

At the moment, Ferrari are tied with McLaren in the constructors with 163 points each.

We can only hope that Binotto’s words come true.

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