Mattia Binotto thinks Carlos Sainz can do even better – “Put together an entire weekend”

Ferrari Team Principal Mattia Binotto think that Carlos Sainz can do even better than what he is currently doing.

Sainz has had a good season at Ferrari so far. However, he is yet to complete a full race weekend without any issues. Something or the other has always cropped up, despite his impressive performances and points-scoring abilities.

Binotto has been impressed by Sainz at Ferrari. However, he thinks Sainz can do even better, and has mentioned what he has to do to improve.

As reported by Autosport, Binotto said, “What I’m expecting from him in the second half, I think he already said himself.

Sainz needs to pull a complete F1 weekend together - Binotto
Carlos Sainz (pictured) can do better according to Mattia Binotto. Source:

“He has not been capable of putting together one entire weekend, so there is always a mistake here or there, whether it is quali, start, or in the race. So I’m expecting that he will continue learning the team, continue learning the car. And soon, hopefully, he will put together an entire weekend, which I think is important for him.”

Great deal

Binotto then proceeded to praise the former McLaren driver, calling him a very strong driver. He said the team had done their homework on him, and they are not surprised.

“I’m not surprised, because when we decided and contacted him with the offer, we made a lot of analysis and we knew that was a strong driver. We knew that he was a strong racer, we knew that he was very consistent in the race,” Binotto said.

“And he was fast as well, he has proved to be fast, since he was in F1. We should not forget that his very first F1 season with STR, his teammate was Max (Verstappen), and his very first year he was somehow doing well.

“And if we look as well at last year with Lando, again, he was doing very well and we know how Lando is strong and he is showing it as well in the current season so we are not surprised by how strong he is or how fast he is,” he concluded.

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