Mattia Binotto unsatisfied with progress of Ferrari F1 Juniors – “Results not as good as a year ago”

Ferrari drivers Carlos Sainz and Charles Leclerc have been having a baller of a season so far and the second half looks bright for them.

However team boss, Mattia Binotto has revealed that he is not too happy with the performance of the junior drivers enrolled with Ferrari.

He further hopes that they up their game soon.

Robert Schwartzman and Marcus Armstrong are the two drivers in F2 associated with the Scuderia.

Both drivers have been having an unimpressive season so far and Binotto hopes that they are able to perform better during the second half of the season.

Binotto unimpressed by junior drivers

Joining the Ferrari Driver Academy is no easy feat and with time it could also prove to be a gateway into Formula 1.

One of the most prominent drivers to grace the academy was last season’s F2 winner, Mick Schumacher.

However, things seem a bit grim with Schwartzman and Armstrong as they are unable to live up to Binotto’s expectations that wish a repeat of Schumacher Jr.

While Shwartzman is third in the standings while having 91 points under his belt, Armstrong continues to struggle marking the fourteenth place with 24 points.

According to Speedweek, Binotto said, “If we look at the results, then nobody can gloss over that the results are not as good as a year ago.”

Looking at Mick’s performance so far

After winning the F2 championship, Mick Schumacher had high hopes for his tenure in F1. However, his performance as a Haas rookie has been underwhelming.

His best finish has been a twelfth place during the Hungarian Grand Prix.

While it might seem that his performance is not that eye-catching, Binotto is not worried about Schumacher.

Rather, the team boss considers him to be on the right track.

What did Binotto say?

“We held on at the beginning of the season – the goal for him should be not to put excessive pressure on himself, but to concentrate entirely on learning. The 2021 season must be viewed as an apprenticeship year for him,” Binotto stated.

“And I see Mick on the right path, he is making progress.

“Of course, he made mistakes, but that’s part of the learning process. We can be satisfied with the interim results. 

“It is important for Schumacher that he continues to develop and make steady progress in the second half,” he concluded.

With the second half of the season about to start any moment now, Binotto hopes that all his drivers fare a lot better.

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