Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen, the possible title champions for the 2021 season, had a major crash during the British Grand Prix.

While Hamilton managed to escape with minor front wing damage, Verstappen was sent crashing into the barriers and was taken to the hospital.

This led to a massive outburst within the F1 community as people began to take sides and pin the blame on the other.

Many also claimed that the incident will lead to an increase in the rivalry between the two drivers and their teams.

Despite the chaos that has emerged following the incident, Verstappen has revealed that he is not bothered by the entire media fiasco.

What did Max Verstappen say?

According to a social media post by F1, Max Verstappen has revealed that he does not want to kick-start a rivalry with Hamilton.

This could possibly mean that the Dutchman might not want to repeat what happened in Silverstone.

“I don’t have much to say on all the media hype. And to be honest, I am not interested in getting involved in that,” he clarified.

Since the race in Monte Carlo, Verstappen has been increasing his lead over Hamilton. Just before the British Grand Prix, the Red Bull driver was 33 points ahead of Hamilton.

Following the crash, the gap between the two drivers was reduced to 8 points.

Hence, the next race in Hungary will see Max trying to rebuild the lost gap.

‘Want to be the best’

Verstappen further revealed that his focus on the moment is to be the best driver on the grid.

“My job is the same as always, to be the best I can and try to win on Sunday,” Verstappen said.

With the next race hi Hungary, the spotlight will be on the two rivals.

Hamilton has claimed 8 wins around Hungaroring which is the highest by any driver.

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