Max Verstappen doesn’t believe Lewis Hamilton is a complete driver – “No need for anyone else to agree”

Red Bull driver Max Verstappen doesn’t believe Lewis Hamilton is a complete driver.

After six seasons in F1, Max Verstappen has never been closer to winning his first Driver’s Championship. It is far from an easy road, however, and he has a hurdle to overcome. The hurdle is only a seven-time champion called Lewis Hamilton.

Hamilton has been in F1 for over a decade, and has dominated the sport like no one else. He has looked almost invulnerable, and his flashes of weaknesses are immediately overshadowed by his sheer brilliance. His unbelievable consistency since 2014 firmly puts him in the conversation for the greatest F1 driver of all time.

However, Verstappen has other opinions on his title rival. In an interview with Sky Sport, the Dutchman refused to call Hamilton the most complete driver on the grid.

Monaco Grand Prix: Max Verstappen wins, takes F1 lead from Hamilton
Max Verstappen (pictured) is the man to beat after the Monaco Grand Prix. Source:

“I disagree! But that’s my opinion,” Verstappen said.

“Yes, he’s more experienced. But that doesn’t mean he’s more comprehensive. It’s my opinion and there is no need for anyone else to agree with me.”

With his win at the Monaco Grand Prix, Verstappen leapfrogged Hamilton to the top of the WDC standings. This is a career-first for him. His performances have left Hamilton playing catch-up, but that is nothing new for the Brit. He has made comebacks before, and he will look to do it again.

Clash of the titans

Verstappen also claimed in the interview that he is happy with himself, and isn’t jealous of Hamilton.

“I don’t envy anyone (or) anything,” he said. “I’m very happy with who I am. I’m lucky to be in F1 and the life I live. And I’m not jealous or envious of anyone. I’m happy if someone has a good life and is good at it. What it does. I just live my life.”

F1 returns to Baku after two years, and at the centre of the show is Verstappen and Hamilton. Will Lewis close the gap to his younger rival? Or will Verstappen extend his points lead?

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