Max Verstappen expresses disapproval over Sebastian Vettel’s environment-friendly drive – “Not my style”

Max Verstappen has expressed his disapproval with Sebastian Vettel owning an electric car.

Electric cars are slowly, but surely replacing combustion engine cars. The ill-effects of the latter kind of cars on the environment are too severe to ignore. The sport of F1 has also joined the cause. It became carbon neutral in the 2021 season, and announced that it plans to have a net-zero carbon footprint by 2030.

But one driver on the grid seems to be old-school when it comes to cars, and that’s Red Bull’s Max Verstappen. The Dutchman seems to be an advocate for the old guard, and is real proud of it too. He was recently asked about electric cars, and his response was pretty straightforward.

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Max Verstappen (pictured) cannot see himself owning an electric car. Source:

In an interview with Sport BILD, Verstappen was asked if he would ever own an electric car in the future, like Sebastian Vettel. He stated that he would never do such, and expressed his disapproval with owning an electric car.

“No, that’s not my style. I don’t own one, and I’m not planning to own one in the future,” Verstappen said.

“They don’t have sound. Plus, they are very heavy because of the batteries. The acceleration is impressive, of course. But it comes from a battery, so it doesn’t excite me at all,” he concluded.


Verstappen is a clear petrolhead and auto enthusiast, if we have to go by his words. He also does have a point about the excitement factor, as electric cars are less soulful than their fuel-powered counterparts. However, if the future pans out towards a stricter care zone for the environment, he may just have to drive one.

Technically, the F1 car he drives for a living is also partly electric, as it is a hybrid. Although this kind of car is the sweet spot between natural and electric cars, the future could see humanity jumping the electric fence (pun not intended). This will include Verstappen as well, so he better enjoy his cars as much as possible right now.

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