Max Verstappen had one of the most upsetting moments during the British Grand Prix after he was eliminated from the race on Lap 1.

With the lights-out, there was an immediate battle that began between Lewis Hamilton and the Red Bull driver.

By the time the duo reached turn 8, Hamilton’s car slightly tapped Verstappen’s rear and broke his suspension.

This sent him crashing into the barriers with a massive 51G force at almost 200 mph.

Verstappen had a massive crash

The Dutchman emerged from his wrecked vehicle and took almost a minute to find his feet.

While he seemed to be okay, he was immediately taken away to the hospital as a precaution.

The British GP was a massive hit to Verstappen, both literally and figuratively. He lost 25 points to Hamilton who has now decreased the lead between the two drivers.

All okay for the Dutchman

Max had to undergo a CT scan along with a few other tests, considering he was feeling light-headed after the crash.

However, he has now been discharged according to his post on his social media account.

He posted a photo of himself along with his father, Jos, stating that he no longer has to stay in the hospital and is doing okay.

He also thanked fans for their supportive messages.

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