Last weekend was not what Red Bull driver Max Verstappen had in mind after he crashed out during the British Grand Prix on lap 1.

The Dutchman had contact with Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton which sent him crashing at a high speed into the barriers and ending his race.

The important thing was that Max was unharmed, but sustained massive damage to his car and to his points.

Sets a new record

Despite the disastrous weekend, Max now has a new record to his name. This comes after a new racing format was introduced in Formula 1.

On Friday, there would be free practice and qualifying. On Saturday, there would be free practice and spriting qualifying. On Sunday, they would race.

While Verstappen did not score any points during the race, he was able to outpace Hamilton a day before in the sprint qualifying which earned him points.

This makes him the first driver to score points without completing a single lap of the race.

Verstappen vs Hamilton

The battle between Verstappen and Hamilton will now continue in Hungary for the next Grand Prix.

The Dutchman, despite a DNF, still leads the driver’s standings. Hamilton is second and behind Max by 8 points.

While there is still hope for Max to increase the gap in the next race, the Brit will be putting up a tough fight.

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