Max Verstappen wants to stay at Red Bull but might leave on one condition – “That’s the plan”

Max Verstappen is contracted with Red Bull till the end of 2023. While there have been rumors that he might switch to Mercedes, the Dutchman has shut them all down.

While fans might be under the impression that Max will stay with Red Bull forever, things can take an unexpected turn in the future.

There is one condition

Max Verstappen after a win; Source:

For the moment, Max does not have any intention of switching his team.

However, there exists one condition which might prompt him to do so.

He revealed that the condition is “if the opportunity is right and it’s a fast car.”

What did Max say?

“I really enjoy being part of the team,” he said.

“Everyone in the team as well, you have a very good relationship with [everyone], we’re all very motivated and driven towards success and of course, we want to win. I hope we can do this for a very long time.”

Max Verstappen; Source:

“I think we learned a lot from our mistakes last year,” he added.

“We thought we had a very competitive car, but it wasn’t so competitive at the beginning of the year. And of course, something was limited, we couldn’t really change everything on the car straight away.

“And I think we managed to change quite a lot of that for this year. You can see the step forward, which is good, but still, you want to be better, it’s never good enough.” 

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