Max Verstappen’s car undergoes FIA inspection after Monaco GP triumph

The FIA subjected current WDC leader Max Verstappen’s Red Bull car to an inspection to see whether it met the FIA’s technical regulations.

After his victory at the Monaco GP, the FIA thoroughly inspected Verstappen’s RB16B, as part of the authority’s regular inspections.

The FIA chose Verstappen’s car randomly, and conducted tests on various parts of the car. This included the engine unit, brakes and chassis.

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The RB16B (pictured) was tested by the FIA after the Monaco GP. Source:

In a press release, the FIA stated, “After the race of the Monaco GP car number 33 was randomly chosen among the top ten cars for more extensive physical inspections.

“Subject to these physical inspections were the pedal assembly including brake master cylinders, throttle pedal position sensing, associated dampers, surroundings within the survival cell, sensors and their loom rooting and connections to the SECU and other units.

The FIA then finally answered the million-dollar question. They said, “All inspected components were found to be in compliance with the 2021 Formula 1 Technical Regulations.”

With the FIA’s plans to investigate Red Bull’s bendy wings earlier this season, this is a recurring theme. The Red Bull car, if found to be in violation of the FIA’s regulations, could be fatal for the team. This will apply for both the Driver’s and the Constructor’s championships, with penalties and point deductions not a distant possibility.

The race is on

As F1 heads to Azerbaijan for the sixth race of the season, anybody would kill to be Verstappen. The Dutchman leads the Driver’s Championship for the first time in his career. He holds a four-point lead over Mercedes driver and title rival Lewis Hamilton. As such, he will be eager to widen it in Baku.

Verstappen and Red Bull will hope there are no hurdles in their route to glory. At this stage, the titles are theirs to lose. With Mercedes and Hamilton very close behind, they will want to fend them off.

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