Max Verstappen’s radio message after car crash spells trouble for Red Bull – “I can’t use it”

Max Verstappen‘s car crash at turn 15 led to the end of his free practice session in Baku.

Even though the Dutchman is expected to be present during the qualifying, the last-minute team radio conversation seems to point to a larger problem in hand.

Car refusing to co-operate

Just after his crash during the third free practice session, Red Bull‘s engineers suggested that Verstappen drive the car back to try and bring it into the pits.

But Verstappen faced difficulty in working the car.

He was unable to put the car in reverse and said, “I can’t use it, I can’t manage it.”

Estimated damage

The Red Bull RB16B crashes. Source:

The Red Bull RB16B of Verstappen saw the damage focused on the front end of the car.

The front wing broke in half after the crash. However, there might be a possibility that the suspension and gearbox have also been impacted.

This could increase problems for Red Bull’s engineers as they try to beat the clock in repairing the machine.

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