Mazepin feels Schumacher holds unfair advantage over him – ‘Mick has Ferrari permission’

Formula 1 drivers often use simulations before the race to get an idea of the track. However, not all teams can afford such expensive equipment.

Nikita Mazepin is a part of such a team who, therefore, has to rely solely on skill and instinct while on the track. But, Mazepin’s teammate Mick Schumacher has an advantage due to his backing by Ferrari.

Mick is a Ferrari academy driver and has access to simulation for his practice sessions.

Mazepin, meanwhile, has not exactly had a picture-perfect start to this season. His first two races were unfortunate for him as he retired from one and finished 17th in the second.

The 22-year-old is still looking to score his first point at this level.

“My preparation for Portimao will not be easy. We don’t have a simulator in Haas and therefore we have to use those that most professional pilots have at home,” Mazepin said in an interview.

“On the contrary, perhaps Mick will have permission to use the Ferrari simulator: being part of their Academy, he will have advantages unknown to me.”

Both Mick and Nikita are currently struggling. Even though Nikita is more controversial, he thinks that he and Mick are in similar positions.

“We’re obviously both in the same position. So far, F1 has been surprisingly intense to me. I knew it’s obviously intense.

“But the two qualifying sessions that I’ve had were rather hectic. And the time is shorter, and there’s loads of things that are happening. So, yeah, it’s a big learning curve,” he concluded.

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