Mazepin finally allowing Steiner to get some sleep – “Didn’t think he would enjoy himself so much”

According to Haas team principal Guenther Steiner, Nikita Mazepin seems to be “the happiest since he entered Formula 1”. This comes after Mazepin’s free practice session in Monaco on Thursday.

Ever since Mazepin got promoted from F2 to F1, he has consistently clocked as the slowest driver in qualifying at every race.

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But, Thursday was one of his better days as he was able to improve his performance, finishing ahead of teammate Mick Schumacher after both sessions.

The Russian finished FP1 in 17th place, two-tenths of a second ahead of his teammate. He then managed to score 18th place in FP2 and was ahead of Schumacher by 0.009s.

What did Steiner say?

Steiner was ecstatic by Mazepin’s performance on Thursday. He thinks that the 22-year-old felt the happiest yet with his VF-21 car.

“I think he did a good job today,” Steiner said after practice on Thursday.

“I spoke with him afterwards, and he was very happy. He said he was the happiest since he entered Formula 1 in the beginning of the season.

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“He did a good job. He didn’t do anything which he shouldn’t be doing, and improved lap by lap. We still have a little bit to go, but I think we are on the right track in the moment.

“He just feels confident in the car. That what he told me, he feels happy in the car, he feels confidence in it. I don’t know other details, what is really difference, but he just he said that he didn’t think that he would enjoy himself as much.”

Mazepin brings experience from F2

During his stint with F2, Mazepin was able to clock points finishes in both his races in Monaco back in 2019. However, he disclosed that F1 will be a completely different experience.

Steiner also revealed that he was almost surprised that Mazepin’s best performance yet came to light in Monaco. He was expecting a breakthrough of this sort.

“At some stage it will come, but I think it’s also the time in the car,” Steiner said.

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“He’s now [at] his fifth race weekend. It’s just like getting used to it, and maybe getting more used to the whole thing.”

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