Mazepin reacts to being placed ahead of Ricciardo on Driver of the Day poll

One of the key highlights of the Spanish Grand Prix apart from Lewis Hamilton’s win was the ‘Driver of the day’ poll. This is a poll that helps Formula 1 fans engage with the sport.

The interesting thing about the poll this time was Nikita Mazepin being voted in the top-5 in contrast to finishing last on the grid.

This led to a lot of interesting reactions from the F1 fraternity, including Mazepin himself.

7.3% of the fans believed that Mazepin was worthy of being called a top performer. He even managed to be placed above Daniel Ricciardo who got 6.5%.

Many believe that this vote was sarcastic rather than serious. Mazepin, however, took this in a positive light.

The Haas rookie was a strong sport and managed to laugh at this on social media. He took to Instagram and posted a story sharing the driver of the day poll results and added, “Thanks for your votes. Let’s keep pushing (laughing emoji) @haasf1team.”

This is not the first time that the Haas driver gathered attention.

Wolff far from happy with Mazepin

During the race, he managed to enrage Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff.

The Austrian was afraid of the Russian making it difficult for Hamilton to cross him in his fight to counter Max Verstappen.

This led Wolff to contact race director, Michael Massi to furiously rant, “Michael, blue flags. Michael, this guy makes us lose the position.”

While the complaint was not unique, this was the first time that something like this was broadcast on live television.

“It actually came about through a discussion at an F1 Commission meeting last year,” explained Michael Massi.

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