The Azerbaijan Grand Prix was a race with unpredictable results for all the participating drivers.

Haas team driver, Mick Schumacher managed to escape a dangerous situation that would have resulted in him crashing into a wall.

What actually happened?

During the very last lap of the race, Schumacher was in the process of overtaking his teammate, Nikita Mazepin for the P13 spot.

However, Mazepin was reluctant to give up and his spot and defended rather aggressively by almost pushing Schumacher into the wall.

The Haas duo. Source:

Had there been any contact between the two drivers, at 300 kmph, things would not have been pretty.

But Mick was ultimately able to overtake his teammate who was clearly facing issues with his car.

While overtaking, the German gestured wildly towards Mazepin and took to the team radio to vent his frustration and was expecting answers by the end of the race.

What did Mazepin say?

Mazepin was asked about what went down during those tense moments.

“The main reason was that I was upset that I lost my place to my teammate on the main straight,” he said.

“My battery was dead. So I was almost like a passenger in the car, but that’s the case.”

Haas team boss had to intervene

Gunther Steiner. Source:

Haas team principal Gunther Steiner had to interfere to calm the issue down but was ultimately supportive of his drivers.

“If we get to the situation on the straight, everything is settled there and we’ve got the situation back to normal,” he said.

“There have been some misunderstandings but we’re in good shape and we’re all looking forward.”

What lies in the future for Haas?

Nikita Mazepin did not really have a great debut with Haas till now, especially after making mistakes in almost every race of the season.

We can only wait and see how things turn out for the Russian.

Haas, however, is ahead of its rivals Williams on the constructors’ championship.

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