McGregor in line to become 2021 Forbes highest-paid athlete after Proper 12 whiskey deal

Back in March, there were speculations that Conor McGregor had sold his Proper 12 whiskey brand to Proximo Spirits. The estimated cost of the deal was believed to be a nine-figure sum.

The deal has now been declared official and there are massive promotions being undertaken by all the involved parties.

Initially, it was estimated that McGregor would earn around $130 million for selling off controlling interest in Proper 12.

However, for brand co-founders Conor McGregor, Audie Attar, and Ken Austin, the deal is worth upwards of $600 million. And this figure does not include the $250 million that the co-founders made ever since Proximo bought a 49% stake around two years ago.

Even though the new ownership percentages have not been published, McGregor still has a personal interest in the brand. He will stay the brand ambassador of Proper 12.

With his upcoming fights added to this incredible deal, “The Notorious” could just be on his way to becoming this year’s Forbes highest-paid athlete. This would probably be a bigger deal to him than winning the Dustin Poirier rematch in July!

Sure, he would be a bit upset if he lost the match and end up with a meltdown (something very much possible with the Irish). But, if given a choice between this and that, we can be sure of what he will pick.

“He is in great spirits, well he actually sold the spirits so he is in really good financial spirits,” head coach John Kavanagh declared.

“He is just looking forward, I’m hoping we can get that (Poirier) rematch done in the summer. I’m not exactly sure, I don’t involve myself in the management side of things.

“We wanna get that one back, gotta figure out these fricking calf kicks, how to use them and defend them. We’re pretty confident we have that sorted out now. He looked excellent everywhere else.” he concluded.

This deal also places McGregor on the path to becoming a billionaire, something he probably is looking forward to a lot.

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