“Mercedes has managed to turn it around”: Aston Martin must seek Mercedes’ help to reverse fortunes

Former F1 driver Paul di Resta believes Aston Martin could be free of the problems they have faced so far if they cooperate with Mercedes.

It hasn’t been the brightest of starts for Aston Martin. Difficulties in winter testing was followed by a lack of solid results in the first three races.

Their drivers also haven’t fared that well. Sebastian Vettel is yet to score a point, while Lance Stroll has failed to hold on to the consistency he showed at Racing Point.

F1 heavyweight Mercedes – who Aston Martin are a customer team of – faced similar issues in the pre-season with their cars, owing to F1’s new regulations impacting higher rake cars, which is the kind of car they run.

Yet, the three-pointed star has shrugged it off with massive results, and di Resta believes Aston Martin could take a page out of Mercedes’ book.

Speaking to Sky Sports F1, di Resta said, “They have got a lot of problems to deal with. They were saying higher rake cars were, you know, that was the biggest thing that was affecting their performance over the course of this winter.

“Obviously coming into the first race, Mercedes have somehow managed to turn it around.

“They’re very close to them in terms of the amount of parts that they carry over, the relationship with them, so that may help them bring it on,” he added.

Drivers = results

Further, di Resta also emphasized that Aston Martin needs their drivers’ morale to be high, and only with that can they deliver results on the track. “Ultimately they need the drivers’ feedback,” he said.

“The drivers need confidence. If they’ve got confidence they can move on.”

The former driver also offered an insight into the level the grid is operating on right now. He remarked, “Maybe Vettel [will be] re-energised after getting into Q3 [at Portugal].

“It’s a long painful season ahead when you see Alpine performing the way they are, AlphaTauri and especially McLaren and Ferrari.

“They have upped their game. That is a battle for third position in my eyes, between Ferrari and McLaren, all the way to the very end.”

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